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Diamond Cutting Specialists 
A Diamond cut finish on alloy wheels is increasingly popular nowadays and is being used by almost all car manufactures from Fiat to Ferrari. You can identify a diamond cut alloy wheel by looking for the shiny bare metal effect, often in combination with a painted coloured surface. Diamond Cutting is often referred to as Diamond Polishing as the process produces a highly polished metal effect. 
The diamond cut process is very much similar to the process of a standard painted wheel. The wheel goes through the same process until it is fully repainted to either the original manufacturer colour or the colour of your choice, at which point the diamond cut process begins. The alloy is placed on our state of the art lathe, where it is cut by our diamond tip cutter to provide a highly polished finished. The wheel is thereafter returned to our oven where it degassed ready for lacquering. A powder coated lacquer is then applied to provide a highly durable finish that will protect your alloy from the elements. 
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